Watch THIS before you face Ashava in DIABLO IV Server Slam Event (2023)


The Diablo 4 Server Slam is a free test period for the game that will run from May 12 – May 14 on PS5, Xbox, and PC. The goal of the event is to stress test the servers and see how they can handle tons of players trying to jump in. One of the challenges players will face during the event is the world boss Ashava. Ashava is a powerful demon that can be difficult to defeat, even for a group of players. In this video, I will share some tips and tricks that will help you defeat Ashava and earn some great rewards.

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The Diablo 4 service, lamb is coming up very shortly.

And if you're trying to kill ashava at level, 20 and claim your Mount reward, then don't worry.

This video is going to help you out massively now first off, if you didn't play the beta or you don't, really, remember where a Shava spawns, it always shows up right here in this big open area called The Crucible.

Every single time ashava is going to spawn.

And if you're looking for timers for these I'm gonna have events on my Discord for all of that.

So you can join the Discord below.

You can track all the events and all the times that she spawns.

But right here, right in the middle in this big wide, open area, you'll see a giant like poison ring in the ground that shows up I believe 10 minutes before she spawns and you'll probably see a whole bunch of the players, but don't go here until you're level, 20, you do have to be level 20 when you killed the world boss to get credit for the event for the like extra Cosmetics.

So you want to be level 20 before you get here, there's, basically, nothing for you to kill nothing for you to farm.

So yeah, don't show up before you're level, 20., a next piece of advice is once you're going through and playing the story you're going to end up your start down here in navesc you're going to end up in the overshod before you can do any Dungeons.

And then you can continue to follow the main story.

Quest, uh, I think, the main story Quest is pretty good.

If you complete it all the way out in the betas, we were getting a guaranteed, Legendary Power.

That is very powerful.


Basically if you are not healthy.

So if you're like 79 HP or lower, a like invincibility bubble pops up around you for a short period of time, I think, it's like two to eight seconds, I believe it has like a minute long cooldown that is very very powerful and very good to get I know, some sites like clothwork right now are saying that that shows up in the Caldera gate, but it's also saying that this shows up in Caldera gate as well.

So I, don't think this is actually going to be available on the Codex for us in the server slam.

So you want to try to get that from the main store request.

And then you also want to kind of backtrack here down to the Lost archives and go and get the aspect of the protector.

This gives you a lot of survivability.

Basically, whenever you hit an elite enemy, the world boss does count as an elite.

You get a shield for 10 seconds.

And this can only happen once every 30 seconds.

So this has like a 33 uptime repeating obviously and uh, this is very strong.

This will help you take less damage.

Stay just tanky and survivable and everything.

And since we're gonna have way reduced drop chances of legendaries in the server, slam you're probably going to pick up the best legendary powers.

And this is probably one of the best legendary powers in the game for all classes.

And then you can just slap it on your gear and not have to worry about it.

The next thing I'm going to recommend is when you're in town, you want to go and socket emeralds into your jewelry to give yourself poison resist.

So if you have any open sockets before you go to the world, boss you're going to take advantage of that, because it does a lot of poison damage with some of its attacks.

If you happen to get but hit by that, you will just see your health, Go whoo, all the way down and that poison resist will help a lot there's.

Also these poison puddles that appear on the ground that will help with that speaking of poison resist.

You also want to visit the herbalist Alchemist here and you'll be able to make yourself a a weak elixir of poison resistance.

This like unlocks at level, 15 and increases your poison resistance by 15, and it gives you some experience there's like other elixirs that you can craft here, pretty early like the Thorns Elixir that also gives you increased experience for 30 minutes.

So this is just a good NPC to talk to to help boost your leveling experience as you go.

And then getting that poison resist will help you a lot versus the world boss.

You also while you're in town want to upgrade, especially your weapons at the blacksmith he's like up here.

And you just upgraded a few levels.

It does basically what it does is increases the gear score of that particular piece.

And so if that like item level is relatively low, it will give you a little bit more levels.

Once you reach level 20, you might want to like farm for a tiny bit until you get a weapon drop because that'll be from level, 20 plus monsters and uh, you'll be able to like have a pretty high level item that you can upgrade even farther from what we heard the a unique monster over here that dropped like all sorts of level, 35 gear.

He is not going to be dropping anything except for his special mace anymore and we're, not sure that it's going to be downgradable to be able to be used by low-level players anymore.

So don't count on this guy for your drops anymore.

Instead probably go up here to chords are gone.

I believe.

This is a level, 30 area that has decent drops and different decent, spawns and there's, even a like a large event that happens up here.


And so yeah, you want to get that Legendary Power, put emeralds in your gear in your jewelry specifically upgrade, especially your weapon, uh, get yourself a poison Elixir and then finishing the main story Quest could give you that cool Legendary Power that makes things a lot safer.

Also another quick tip for fighting ashava is that staying closer to the boss is a lot safer than trying to stay at range.

Because most of her attacks are big swipey, sweepy attacks and have a safe spot directly behind her.

She has a really really scary move where she jams both hands forward and then drags backwards.

And that basically does huge damage in front of her obviously and to her sides, but directly behind her is completely safe.

You're also safe.

If you go just a little bit off to the sides and uh, yeah, I just recommend staying close to the boss for that.

Let me know if these tips helped you kill ashava and we'll see you in sanctuary, oh and come by the Stream I'm live right now.


How do you get Ashava in Diablo 4 server slam? ›

In order to obtain this beautiful steed, you need to hit level 20 and defeat the world boss Ashava. You can find Ashava the Pestilent at the easternmost part of the Fractured Peaks in an area called The Crucible. When Ashava spawns, you will get a tooltip popup that marks her location on your map.

What is the reward of Ashava in Diablo 4 server slam? ›

For those who successfully defeated Ashava, they will be able to display one of her massive fangs on the back of their mount when Diablo 4 releases.

Where does Ashava spawn? ›

Where to find Ashava in Diablo 4. Diablo 4's Ashava, the Pestilent, can spawn in any of the five World Boss arenas on the map during set spawn periods. However, it sppears it most commonly spawns in the Fractured Peaks World Boss arena location.

What time does Ashava spawn? ›

When does Ashava spawn in Diablo 4? Assuming that you've completed the campaign, Ashava spawns every three hours in Diablo 4. To make the navigation process easier, a countdown timer and quest marker appear on her location 30 minutes before spawning.

Has anyone beat ashava server slam? ›

A solo hardcore player has taken down Ashava all by himself during the Server Slam weekend. Players can only reach a max level of 20, whilst Ashava is still a level 25 fight, and players have been lowering the difficulty to defeat the World Boss in group play.

Is server slam over? ›

Diablo 4's Server Slam event is now over, and though the servers stayed mostly up throughout, some fans expressed concerns over the game's general balance. Diablo 4's Server Slam event, touted as its final playtest before launch, ran from May 12 to 14.

What time does the Diablo server slam end? ›

The Diablo 4 Server Slam start time is scheduled from May 12 3pm PDT, 12pm PDT, 8pm BST. The Server Slam ends on May 14 3pm PDT, 12pm PDT, 8pm BST. It is available on PC exclusively on

How difficult is Ashava? ›

Ashava Fight Mechanics

Ashava is not a hard boss to fight. All of the attacks have a great tell and are easy to spot, if you know what you are looking for. Below we will help you understand and know what to look for in your upcoming fight with Ashava. Phases of the fight – Ashava has 4 phases.

What do I get for killing Ashava? ›

Ashava the Pestilent Rewards and Loot

Players who successfully kill Ashava the Pestilent will be rewarded with legendary items along with a Grande Cache on their first weekly kill, which has the ability to drop additional legendary items with gold and gems.

How do you beat Ashava? ›

Ashava The Pestilent has a unique mechanic tied to her stagger bar. When she is staggered, she will lose one of her arm blades and a sizable chunk of armor. Stagger her twice during the fight to severely hinder her ability to damage you and make her more vulnerable to attacks.

How many Ashava kills? ›

10,163,397 of those kills came from Diablo 4's first world boss, Ashava. In return, players only killed Ashava 107,426 times, making for an impressive K/D ratio of 436.8 to 1 for the creature.

How many can fight Ashava? ›

Even with a full 12-man raiding party, the battle against Ashava will be a difficult one due to her extremely high health pool and damage.

Can you fight Ashava in world tier 1? ›

You still get the trophy. There is zero reason to fight Ashava on World Tier 2, at 20 your characters are already underleveled for this fight. That extra HP she gets on World Tier 2 makes a HUGE difference.

How do I get the Ashava mount? ›

To get your hands on the Diablo 4 Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy, you'll need to defeat Ashava with one Level 20 character. This toothy terror is one of the hardest enemies to defeat in the Diablo 4 beta, so you'll need to have your wits about you if you wish to fell her.

What level do you need to be to fight Ashava? ›

In order to challenge Ashava, you should strive to be around level 25. Ashava is level 25 and is located in a level 25 zone, so if you're any level less, you're putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage. To find Ashava, you need to head to The Crucible, which is an area found directly east of Kyovashad.

How often does Ashava spawn? ›

Players can find the Ashava World Boss Spawn in The Fractured Peaks' bottom right region, The Crucible. Ashava will spawn every three hours, but thankfully you won't need to monitor her spawn time constantly.

Has anyone beat Ashava server slam? ›

A solo hardcore player has taken down Ashava all by himself during the Server Slam weekend. Players can only reach a max level of 20, whilst Ashava is still a level 25 fight, and players have been lowering the difficulty to defeat the World Boss in group play.


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